Monday, June 4, 2012

Close Up

Last summer after an early morning practice, I unlocked my folding bike, Bruce, only to realise that his seat post was missing. Someone had nicked it, mistaking it for something of value (which it wasn't - it's very unique to that discontinued model).

The bike shop retrofitted another post to fit, but it never fit correctly. One day in last September, I noticed a hairline crack in the frame. It grew and grew and when I finally took Bruce into the shop, they wouldn't let me ride him home. The shop owner, Bike Lady, felt that Bruce was too dangerous to ride.

I had two options: replace the frame or purchase a new bike. The costs were about the same, so I paid my respects to Bruce (and donated him to a non-profit bike collective) and welcomed Bianca, my new folding bike.

I brought Bianca home in October, when the riding season was mostly over - I think I rode her only once or twice. She's been sitting in the corner of my apartment, shiny and pristine for seven months, waiting for better weather.

I started riding this week. I ride a lot - it won't take long for the wear-and-tear to take its toll on this bike.

So I took a bunch of photos of my new, pristine bicycle. Just for the memories.

(This post is part of the June photo project)
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