Sunday, June 17, 2012

In My Bag

Today's photo theme is the ever popular what's-in-your-purse meme, which I find tiresome because I don't actually carry a purse. In fact, during the summer months, I aim to carry as little with me as humanely possible.

But when I'm travelling around the city teaching (particularly when travelling via public transit), this is what I need to get by:

-My orange Bandha shoulderbag
-CreditDebit Cards/ID/Library Card
-Lip gloss and aspirin
-Small black bag that holds my Tibetan Singing Bowl and bluetooth stereo speaker for my Hatha classes
-Library book and my Kindle

Bonus awesomeness:
Deepak Chopra random nonsense quote generator, drawing on actual words from his Twitter feed: Wisdom of Chopra

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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Grimmly said...

Made the mistake of skipping straight to the picture and item description, missing the context...was amused but charmed that your carrying a singing bowl around with you everywhere.

Then I read the context, it's your teaching bag...makes more sense

sereneflavor said...

No stray receipts, no loose change, no fliers you didn't have the heart to turn down. You are a good example for me to follow.

Brianna Nash said...

iPad and Kindle.. and here I thought I was the only one who thought having both wasn't crazy. I envy your owning an iPad. I desperately want to buy one but am refraining at the moment.

Kaivalya said...

@Grim: Ha, ha...carrying the singing bowl around everywhere would be a charming quirk, indeed! Maybe I should pull it out of my bag on the subway sometime and serenade my fellow commuters! ;-)

@Serene: Here's my secret...when I get home I empty my bag completely and recycle any loose papers, file the ones I'm keeping, put my change in a little bowl.

@Brianna: The iPad is my only computer - I use it for everything including my business accounting. Since I travel around during the day, it's important that I have access to email (I don't own a cell phone, by choice) and internet. The kindle is purely for reading and I prefer reading on it to the iPad (the screen is hard on the eyes, plus I'm on the computer enough as it is).