Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Friend

I totally didn't see it coming, but June was the 'Month of Princess Fur'.

Now, as I'm limping into July a couple thousand dollars poorer, feeling uncertain (the biopsy results won't be available until sometime next week), I'm also feeling determined: Regardless of what the coming week brings, I want to make what remains of this little dog's life absolutely wonderful.

As she recovers from the surgery, we're back to taking long walks together and sitting in the park so she can watch the squirrels. I give her cuddles whenever she'll let me, frequent treats of banana slices (her favourite and the great delivery system for the pills I need to give her) and she's even starting to play with her toys again.

Canada Day weekend is always rough for Princess Fur - she is frightened of the fireworks. Usually, she hides out in the closet and nothing I can say or do soothes her. But tonight she surprised me. She asked to come up on the bed and crawled into my arms.

I held her tightly, singing softly under my breath. She usually squiggles to get down right way, but tonight she stayed and I could feel her beginning to calm. Within minutes she had stopped shaking and we both fell asleep.

Princess Fur is a loving dog, but not always a cuddly one. I woke from our impromptu nap deep grateful for her trust - and the chance to hold her as she slept.

She really is my best friend.

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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Megan Walker said...

The Princess is lucky to have someone who cares so much for her and understands her. One of my dogs, too, is affectionate but doesn't necessarily like to cuddle. Petting just isn't her idea of a good time, most people don't get that.

Loo said...

Ditto for Tai. He does want to go everywhere with me though...