Friday, June 29, 2012


A few days after Princess Fur was tentatively diagnosed and the surgery was scheduled, I stopped at a pet store on the way home from teaching a class and went on a spontaneous dog-bed-spending-spree. I bought a soft, fluffy new dog bed for Fur, upholstered in a durable, but luxuriously velvety fabric. I bought a soft, fuzzy sleeping pad for her crate.

I put it all on my credit card and strapped the new beds to my bicycle. All the way home, I had these visions of my dog happily sniffing her new dog bed, then joyfully snuggling into it. At each stoplight, I was practically hugging myself in happy anticipation. She had been in so much pain, it felt like a tangible relief to do something that might make her more comfortable.

But the joke was on me! When I got home, I proudly presented the new beds to Princess Fur. She sniffed the big fluffy one thoroughly, then turned on heel and disappeared under my bed - to sleep on the hard floor! She refused to even consider the new bed for a day or two, though she uses it now (and appears to enjoy it).

I also researched child-sized papasan chairs - you know, those big round rattan chairs that look like a bowl. I used to have one on the balcony and it was Fur's absolute favourite spot. It finally got so ratty - the bamboo held together with duct tape and the fabric of the cushion in tatters - that I threw it away.

After spending a couple hundred dollars on dog beds (not to mention the vet bills), I decided I couldn't afford a new Papasan too. And that's when the Universe delivered: Earlier in the week, as I was leaving to go to practice and I saw a brand-new, orange, child-sized papasan chair on the loading dock, with a sign that read "Free!" I grabbed it.

Princess Fur now has her very own, Fur-sized chair and her reaction was everything I could have hoped for. If a dog could be thrilled, she was thrilled. And she uses it every day!

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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sereneflavor said...

Fantastic universe delivers story! It is one of those that feels like it happened to the reader of it.

Anonymous said...

That's awsome Kai. It's amzing what happens when you surrender sometimes and good on you for being aware enough to spot it.

Loo said...

The Universe is kind! Oh and Tai in his creaky old age sleeps on the hardwood floor all night! Even with soft lovely bedding in every room. But before I get all judgy on the dogs, my favorite way to restore myself mid-day is to, you guessed it, lie down on the hardwood floor for 15 minutes. Smart canines!