Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The problem: No mat storage at Shala South. Last week, I realised that hauling my heavy Manduka around might be making my cranky shoulder sore(er).

The imperfect solution: Two bungees to strap the mat onto the back of my bicycle.

It's a solution because it gets the weight of the mat off my shoulder.

But it's an imperfect one because I'm *still* hauling that Manduka around town where I'm teaching. When you ride as many kilometres as I do in a day, the extra weight is a drag.

Still, for an investment of $3.29, I can't complain. Even imperfect solutions rarely come that cheap.

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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Brianna Nash said...

I wished I lived in an area where I could bike around town. I live approximately 15 minutes from town. Therefore, while you get to bike around town, I get to putt-putt my way to town in a car :/. Wanna swap?

Michelle said...
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Kaivalya said...

@Brianna When the humidex is 41C (105F) and the ride is uphill...yup, probably! ;-)