Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hat. Scarf. Bandana.

Head coverings will probably be my main fashion accessory this summer. Late last year, I had my hair cut for what turned out to be the last time. A month or two after that, I decided to grow it out.

That was November. My hair was *very* short in November, cut nearly to my skull. Over the past seven months, as it has slowly grown out, I've gone through some hilarious 'hair phases.'

There was the 'European Dictator Hair Phase'. That was a fun one - it looked a bit like a 'comb-over'. Next came the 'Bedhead Phase', which everyone thought looked great. A student of mine even described it as 'sexy' (I can only assume because I looked as if I'd just rolled out of bed. *ahem*).

Though mercifully brief, I even passed through a 'Lady Diana Hair Phase'. Got lots of compliments on that one too.

Right now, I'm in another Awkward Phase, and anticipating the much-dreaded Mullet Phase. This is where I historically give up and get it cut.

I'm not giving up.

I started wearing a bandana over my head during yoga practice a couple months ago, a la Baron Baptist. I can't decide if I look goofy or gansta. Probably a little bit of both. Lately, I've been wearing the bandana off the mat too because my hair looks *that* bad.

We'll call this one the 'Babushka Headscarf Hair Phase.'

I'm eagerly awaiting the moment my hair is long enough to pull off a 'Hilary Clinton Headband Phase'. At least it will be a change of pace.

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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