Saturday, June 16, 2012

Out and About

I attended a kirtan tonight at the studio I've been practising at. Good fun!

The woman who was singing has been, at various times over the past 10 years, my Yoga Philosophy Teacher and my chanting teacher. These days, she's one of my asana teachers, along with her partner (who was playing the keyboards).

Girlfriend multi-tasks!! :-D

And by the way, you really haven't been adjusted in Kapotasana until you've had *two* people adjusting you at the same time. *groan* I felt like I was in a mosh pit!

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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Brianna Nash said...

I suppose I could easily look this up but what is kirtan? I'm still getting used to a lot of the lingo so forgive my ignorance.


V said...

I love the two people Kapo adjustment!

Ragdoll said...

I love the mosh pit analogy! When you've been well and truly crushed. But in a good way.

And best wishes to Princess Fur, she is one lucky dog the way you're looking after her.

Kaivalya said...

@Brianna: Kirtan is call-and-response Sanskrit chanting. It's literally like going to a concert, but being invited to sing with the band. It's SO much fun!!! Once everyone loses their shyness, it's like a big sing-along party. :-)

Anonymous said...

So nice and if it is the people I am guessing they are just great at music! I usually practice to their music. I think they are great asana teacher. They will be back to Europe in autumn...longing... So glad your are back on your blog...always misses your writing. And the best, best wishes to Princess Fur and that you both will have a great summer together. Anna

Kaivalya said...

@V: Yes, but you're good at Kapo! I feel like a trapped animal in

@Ragdoll: Thanks for the good wishes! :-)

@yogamalasweden: I'm pretty sure they are who you're guessing and yes, their music (and teaching) is lovely. Thanks for the welcome back :-)