Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have a guilty secret. Right now, at this very moment, I'm eating this:

It's a maple-walnut butter tart from the Farmer's Market. I've made a weekly ritual out of this since late August, when I started teaching a noon class downtown on Wednesdays. There is a big farmer's market in the square that day and one of the farmers sells single butter tarts for a buck. His red awning has a Pavlovian effect on me: I see it and drool. It's one of the small things gets me through the week, especially now that I'm teaching 4 classes a day again.

This morning's practice was a YogaDownload class called Power Vinyasa Flow #1 with Dawnelle. I've already tried the 45 and 60 minute versions of this class. I enjoyed the 30. There were a few spots that didn't make sense, but overall, the shorter class flowed well. Since I'm familiar with some of the transitions between poses, I found it easier and even fun moving through the flow sequences.

I think beach season is really over. I've been in a stubborn denial about this, but early yesterday morning I finally put the fan away and brought out the space heater. It's a sign. Another sign: I've had to run the space heater to get the apartment up to practising temperature in the morning. It's been dropping below 10C at night.

I guess I can put my bikini away now, but I'll hold off on the hammock - we may get some warm days yet!


Flo said...

I always wanted a Hammock.
I like flow classes; but agree you need to know the transitions in order to fully enjoy it. Otherwise you are spending time trying to figure it out.

Kaivalya said...

But once you *do* know the transitions, they're so much FUN! :-)