Tuesday, September 1, 2009


And I'm *still* not feeling well - my Lady's this month has been brutal. Headaches, cramps, mood-swings. I'm normally so easy-going and content, all of this inner chaos makes me feel like my body is falling apart.

I've been having distressing dreams. Last night, I dreamt that my dog wandered away from me in the park I couldn't catch her. No matter how fast I ran, she was always just out of reach. In real life, this would never happen - she's very much a 'velcro dog', whimpering if I'm out of her line of sight. I woke feeling panicked and my first impulse was to jump out of bed and get her leash!

I decided the best thing for my body (and my anxious, churning mind) was to get moving. I picked up my mat and headed to the Big Park for a morning practice. It was so beautiful out - much warmer than I expected. The sky was like a deep blue bowl, perfectly clear. I spotted two planes, high up in the sky, leaving a contrail overhead like a perfectly drafted dotted line.

I did a Yogadownload class, Yoga for Back Pain #1, 30 minutes, with Jamie. This is a very gentle Hatha class. Practising at a slow, easy pace felt good. The park was so quiet this morning, very peaceful. It would have been nice to do a longer practice but I was pressed for time.

My Fall schedule is beginning to take shape, with new classes starting up each week. By the end of the month, I'll be up to my full schedule. As I'm teaching more and more, fitting my practice in will be more of a challenge. I would like to try to get in the habit of morning yoga practice again. Yes, I know, Big Words coming from someone who loves to sleep. A couple years ago, I was a happy early-riser. What happened to that bright-eyed girl, who liked to rise with the roosters? I'm trying to find her!

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