Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Apparently, the soreness from hockey didn't kick in until 48 hours after the game. I woke up this morning feeling generally achy, but particularly achy in my left QL, in my quadraceps and my hips (particularly the hip flexors). Ouch. All day, I just wanted to stretch my hips. I biked to my evening class and all I could think of on the way down was stretching. I just wanted to get on my mat and strrrrreeeetch!

I took it easy today in my practice. I've been practising in the morning this week, usually after a long walk. I did a subdued half-Primary, focusing on stretching everything out. I was loathe to get on the mat (feeling tired and sluggish) but once I did it felt just great. Half-Primary was more than enough for me, though.

I noticed more red maple leaves on my walk this morning. The trees are beginning to turn! This is so contradictory to current weather. A heat wave moved through the city. It's drippingly humid with a heat index of 34C. Feels like August *should* have felt. I guess this is our 'indian summer'.

I went out for a sushi lunch and as we sipped our tea afterward, a rainstorm moved in from the west. The skies opened in torrential a torrential downpour. Afterward, it was very cool out and the whole neighbourhood felt freshly scrubbed! That was our first rainstorm since August 30th.


Michelle said...

Aaahhh the cleansing of a rainstorm. Wonderful. We have had that horrid heat as well. Today only 21 degrees. Woo hoo! My kind of weather.

As far as yoga goes, I know the "loathe to get on the mat" feeling. And, like you, after the first 20 minutes, pure bliss!

Jen Stevenson said...

Hey there!

Just wondering.... when you do a "half primary" what exactly do you cut out and how long does it take you to complete this? I'm still working on my home practice!!

Kaivalya said...

Half-primary is a regular Primary practice up to Navasana (boat) and closing poses. It takes about 45-50 minutes depending on how much time I spend in closing and Savasana. I don't do backbends when I'm practising half.

I also like the Swenson 'short forms'. There are a few: 15, 30, 45 minutes. They're listed in his book.