Saturday, September 5, 2009


The sparkling weather continues, this time with big, fluffy white clouds moving across the sky.

I taught classes all morning and had an hour to kill between them, so I set up my mat in a courtyard park in the downtown core and did the Swenson short form. I did a full closing sequence, since I missed my chance to do Sirsasana yesterday. I had a good practice, self-led, which gave me the opportunity to hold poses a bit longer and linger in downward facing dog whenever I felt the urge.

The practice felt too short. I was on the mat for about 40 minutes. Lately, I've found myself enjoying a longer practice, but it's nice to know that I can squeeze in a well-rounded practice when I'm in a time crunch. I'll probably continue to do the short form on Saturdays, at least until the weather gets too cold for it.

For fun, a dog story:

I know my dog is smart, but sometimes she surprises me with her ability to navigate thorny problems. She absolutely loves Greenies. These edible dog bones that are supposed to be good for her teeth and breath (I'm as of yet unconvinced). They're not cheap, so I save them as 'special treats' and I had one celophane-wrapped hidden away in a baggy that was tucked into a cloth bag, sitting under the desk. Somehow, she managed to sniff out the Greenie, get it out of the cloth bag, open up the baggie and extract the Greenie from the celophane wrapping.

It was quite an operation! Here she is in the aftermath. Her expression says: “Greenie? What Greenie? I don't know ANYTHING about any Greenie. Nope. Not me.”

Yeah, riiiight!

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