Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The ice hockey season started up last night. After my meditation, I dressed in my finest dorky-looking hockey gear and headed to the ice rink to see if I could remember how to skate.

I don't play ice hockey in the summer months, so it's been six months since I was actually on any ice. I suffered all the usual problems: the brain-eyes-to-hockey-stick disconnect (the puck was flying right past me), the feeling that my feet were doing stuff my brain had no handle on (like stopping), feeling overwhelmed by the action of the game (addled confusion) and my complete and utter lack of endurance on the ice (*wheeze*).

By the end of the game, I was milling around in our end (I play defence) woefully watching the forwards take the puck down the ice and I was all “Do I HAVE to skate all the way down there?”

I figured I would be sore today, but I wasn't at all. Surprise. By the way, we lost, 4-2.

Today is vinyasa day. I've been saving an 'advanced intermediate' Yogadownload class for a day when I was feeling perky. I decided today was the day: Power Vinyasa Flow #1 with Dawnelle, 60 minutes.

This was a challenging class for me; it just goes and goes and goes without stop. The poses aren't difficult, but there are a lot of them. Half-way through the standing pose section, I realised that my legs were feeling really shaky! I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I remembered: hockey! My legs were actually *tired*!

I enjoyed the class a lot. I'm really starting to dig the tripod headstands following the Prasaritas. I rarely have the opportunity to do Parivritta Ardha Chandrasana, so I liked that (and struggled with it a bit). The class included a spine strengthening series and some core work that made me whimper. It's rare for me to take breaks during a class, but I had to stop a few times to rest in Balasana.

Overall, two thumbs up! I'm going to download the 45 minute and 30 minute versions of this one. The same teacher offers a Power Vinyasa Flow #4, same level, so I think I'll check that one out too.

Busy day today. I'm spending a couple hours at the dentist in the afternoon, then teaching two classes. I'll be goinggoinggoing until the 8 p.m. Right now: off to the grocery store before it rains!

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