Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's getting way too cold to practice (or, particularly, to teach) yoga outdoors. I taught an outdoor class this morning, then did my own practice. Brrrrrr! I checked the Environment Canada website and found out it was 10C (50F) out. I did manage to find a sunny spot, but still! Layers!

I did the 45 minute version of the Core Yoga #1 class with Dawnelle. This is the class with the fun Virabhadrasana III ('airplane') to Standing Splits transition. I think I definitely prefer the 45 minute version to the 60 minute one. The 30 minute version is actually great too - very intense.

I spent my afternoon eating Death by Chocolate cookies, drinking tea and knitting, then I biked to the GF's house and watched 'Slaughter House 5' on TVO.

I'm being lazy and milking it for all it's worth. Next week, it's going to get a bit crazy. Ice hockey starts, I start back up with my guitar lessons. Then, the next week, the rest of my class kick in: VERY crazy.

I'm trying to fit in all then naps and leisure I still can. Because once it starts, I suspect that I won't be coming up for air until the holidays.

Tomorrow: more lazy. Stay tuned!

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