Saturday, September 12, 2009


Busy day for a Saturday, which is unfortunate, since Saturdays afternoons are usually reserved for sloth (I like sloth!). I woke up early and did half-Primary, didn't have time for a full practice.

I had a surprisingly good practice overall, although I was very preoccupied (Lots of stuff going on that's not bloggable here, maybe bloggable on KD if I could only find the time). I completely bungled Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, not because I was stiff or wobbly. I just couldn’t keep my attention on the count. That's actually embarrassing! *blush*

Afterward, I biked down to the Market to pick up a few gourmet food items (read: Death by Chocolate cookies) and to teach two classes. One was outdoors (*lovely* weather) and the other indoors, at a gym.

I'm all excited about teaching in this space since I recently figured out how to connect my iPod to the fancy-schmancy stereo system the Spinning teachers use. I'm loving the surround-sound, it's like having a sitarist sitting in the right hand corner of the room.

The rear brakes on my bicycle began to jam this morning. I've been having problems with them all week, but this time it was serious. I managed to make it to N's Bike Shop just in the nick of time. I thought it would be a quick adjustment, but I had a broken spoke. Read: $$$. Argh, I wasn't budgeting for bike repairs this week!

They fixed it on the spot, took about 20 minutes. They go all out for couriers and people who commute via bicycle. It's a different world when you don't own a car and rely on a bicycle for transportation. I was back on the road in under a half-hour, though.

I made muffins yesterday. I forgot how yummy real, home-baked muffins are. Not difficult to bake either! I used this recipe. Next time, I'll modify it for banana-nut muffins and sprinkle brown sugar on top.


Michelle said...

Ah the banana theme arises again.
By the way, what is KD?

Kaivalya said...

The banana muffins turned out well! KD is my private blog. I'll hook you up.