Monday, September 14, 2009


In an odd way, I feel like things are finally 'coming together' for me right now. The past year has been a bit scattered. The return of my meditation practice was a big step - for too long, it just felt impossible. It's funny how 'easy' it feels now that I’m meditating regularly again.

My asana practice has become more consistent (I've been keeping a daily practice this year, but there have been times when that 'practice' was 15 minutes on the mat). I'm working hard in my practice every day, investing time in it, my focus is strong.

Today, I started tracking my food intake again, the first step towards returning to CR. For now, I'm just observing and getting back into the habit of food-logging. And holy smoke, do I ever eat a lot!

For a couple of months, I've felt myself drawn back to Pranayama practice. I did 9 rounds of Nadi Shodanam Pranayama after my yoga practice and I hope to make this a regular thing.

There are many other items on my list, but instead of feeling overwhelmed by them, I feel confident that everything will unfold in time.

I haven't practised full Primary in almost a week. I've been alternating between half-Primary and the YogaDownload classes. Today, I had the time and energy to devote to a full practice. It felt good to get back to it and interesting to see where the rough spots were.

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana has been very challenging for me recently. My balance is fine in every pose but this one. I'm learning to be patient with myself.

I've lost my bind in Marichyasana D again (The first time I typed that, I typo'ed: “I lost my mind in Marichyasana D” Same difference? *wink*). I couldn’t find my bind at all in Supta Kurmasana today, so I crossed my ankles instead. It felt like an entirely different pose. I liked it!

And I had a 'moment' in Bhujapindasana. Ever since my faceplant incident, I've been loathe to lower my forehead to the floor in that pose. Today, I decided to bring all of my focus to the Bandhas. As I held the arm balance, I felt myself lift and I spontaneously lowered, easy as pie (I didn't come up again, but I have a feeling that's next).

In non-Yoga news, it's such a beautiful day out! In another universe, it would be a beach day, but I taught a noon class and I have things to do this afternoon. I have a book to read (the library won't let me renew it and it's too great not to finish). And I'm going through another one of my human anatomy geek phases, nose in various books. I have some accounting to ignore (but it's on my list).

That won't stop me from enjoying some time in the sun though! I might even take my hammock to the park...


Michelle said...

Its almost like New Year's resolutions for you then. I am glad you are back to meditation. I'd like to explore that myself. Your yoga is so so advanced. Like I told you on my blog,(don't know if your read the comment) The Rodney Yee DVD you have on hold at the library would be way too easy for you. More like a practice when you are under the weather or on your ladies. For me, it is as much as I can handle at this stage of the game.

Kaivalya said...

That's an interesting way of looking at it. September *does* have a feel of 'newness' about it, particularly with the back-to-school energy all around.

My yoga practice isn't *that* advanced (it's all relative - compare to some others, I'm a novice). The Rodney video will be fun to try!