Sunday, September 27, 2009


And the holiday continues. This morning, I practised to Gentle Hatha Yoga #2 with Jackie, 30 minutes. Soothing, relaxing, lovely and it occurred to me as I practised: there isn't a single Chaturanga in this entire thing. It's all about stepping gently back and forward, no jumps, no stress, no standing poses. Holiday indeed!

Today was CPR day, all day. Argh. I'm required by one of my clients to carry an up-to-date CPR card. They've been so lax about it that I never bothered to keep it up after the initial course (boring, 8 hours, in the boondocks suburbs; at the time I thought “I'm never doing THAT again”). Well, they're cracking down. I have to have it before Wednesday.

It's expensive, but I decided that I would rather pay an extra 20 bucks and do the course downtown rather than travel to deepest darkest suburbia. I located a company that offers the course, signed up, showed up this morning and discovered that the owner is an acquaintance (we once worked at the same community centre). Long story short: all employees of that community centre receive free CPR training from her company by default. Since I still teach there, she handed me a cash refund during the break. Cha-ching!

It felt like Christmas, a gift from Santa Claus that goes directly into my 'pay the rent' fund. Well, I *did* buy myself lunch.

The course was boring. I remembered almost everything from 5 years ago. I sat there knitting my hat and blithely offering answers when she questioned the class on the material. I was the only yoga teacher there and the only grown-up. The class took place at a culinary college and they were all 19-year-old chef students.

The best part of the afternoon was the first aid training, especially bandaging knife wounds. The whole class just perked right up. Relevant material! I guess they've seen their share of cuts and amputated fingers.


Michelle said...

My husband did CPR training on saturday. All day. And that was just a First Responder Recertification. Boring is right.

Kaivalya said...

Yes, thank goodness I didn't need 'standard first aid' (two days) or I would have needed to buy more wool! I knit a huge amount of toque on Sunday!