Friday, September 25, 2009


Ug. I felt scattered and agitated all day, then my Lady's Holiday hit like a hurricane. I didn't do my practice in the morning. No reason - just didn't feel like it. I waited and waited and waited and finally unrolled the mat a few minutes before bed. I did about 20 minutes of restorative yoga. That's all I had in me. I meditated for 5 minutes and was asleep shortly after.

On the bright side, I clipped the dog (she looks like a show dog again).

And I finished the hat! I knit all the decreases I could, but I had to wait until my knitting class in the evening to finish (I didn't yet have my double-pointed needles and even if I had, I wouldn't have known what to do with them). I was at the class for less than an hour. Me and another woman both finished our hats early. The instructor gave us Girl Guide Cookies when we finished.

Before I left, I bought some more of that soft, wonderful wool, this time in a periwinkle blue colour. I'm going to start a second hat soon!


Michelle said...

Grrr. I am not finished my hat yet. I am jealous. I have started on the decrease rows so it should be done soon.

Kaivalya said...

Ha! I'm halfway through a second hat. This one is blue, same yarn. Let me know if you're on Ravelry - I'll friend you.

I'm keen to try socks next. I love knitting but there's only so many hats or scarves one person needs. But socks? I always need socks.

I can't believe how much I'm enjoying knitting. I had forgotten how cathartic it is.