Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm glad I woke up early to do my practice because my Lady's Holiday hit a few hours afterward. My practice felt really good. The Epsom salt bath yesterday really helped; most of the soreness was gone today. I felt strong and focused, though just a bit sluggish. Afterward, I had another bad case of 'helium head'. I'm wondering if this is related to my Lady's or perhaps my body is adjusting to Full Primary? Hm...

I spent the rest of the day feeling wretched, as I almost always do during this time of month. I walked for an hour to distract myself, went to a meeting in the afternoon and taught classes until late evening.

I taught Tittibhasana B (Firefly Pose) in my youth yoga class. One of the girls is uber-bendy and is able to bind effortlessly. On a whim, I described Yoga Nidrasana and she happily folded herself into the posture. In fact, she was so happy to be there that she stayed for the duration of Savasana - about 3 minutes. After she unfolded herself, I encouraged her to do a 'gentle backbend' as a counter pose. She promptly leaned over backwards and planted her hands on the floor, then stood up, grinning at me.

*eye roll* Damned kids!

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