Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was feeling very indecisive this morning, not sure whether I had the energy to go for a walk, or the time to squeeze in the walk *and* yoga both. I finally decided to do my yoga practice and save the walk for later. I had intended to do the sequence I'm teaching in my Hatha classes this week, but my back was feeling cranky, so I opted for a more intuitive practice.

I allowed my body to guide me from pose to pose, flowing from backbends to forward bends, into standing poses, then twists. I finished off with a few restorative poses and a long Savasana.

I biked downtown to teach a class, stopped by the Market, then headed home. It's a GORGEOUS day out. The high is supposed to be 28C. I was threatening to go to the beach all week, but I forgot that the lake cools the land temperature significantly - it was 10 degrees cooler on the Island, so sat out on the balcony instead and soaked up the sun like a sponge. Bliss!

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