Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This morning, I caught the furniture rearranging bug. I thought it might be neat to move my huge purple-heart-n-cherry hope chest over by the west window to create a window seat/reading nook. But it didn't make sense to do that if the reading nook would be right beside the bed and what about the glare problem I've been dealing with on my computer screen and T.V.? Wouldn't it make sense to move all that stuff to the sides of the room so I could type/watch junk T.V. glare-free.

And so on and so on...

By mid-morning my 250 square foot city apartment was chaos: furniture scattered, wireless router unplugged, phone relocated, art taken down from the walls. Space, as you can imagine, is at a premium when you live in a glorified closet (at university, I stayed in more spacious dorm rooms). Also, I needed to insure the optimal amount of space to do yoga.

I ended up moving the bed to a side of the room it had never before occupied. I relocated the wall unit to position the television at an optimal non-glare angle and my desk is perpendicular to the window to prevent glare on my computer screen. And I have a window seat! And (bonus!) a little meditation nook! And (bonus!) a small dining area off the kitchen. Right now, I'm eating off a T.V. tray but a trip to Ikea for a small table may be in my future.

Imagine, eating off a table like a civilized human being! I feel reincarnated...

In the course of this shuffling, I unearthed more dog-sized dust bunnies than I care to admit. The whole apartment is still floating in a cloud of dust motes as I type, but I washed the floor and did yoga in my new larger-than-ever yoga-space (how did I managed to find more floor in this apartment? how?!).

I'm still rockin' the Routine application on my iPod Touch. This time, I set up an intense half-hour Anusara sequence. It was terrifically fun. :-)

I laid over my bolster for a full minute for launching into Urdhva Dhanurasana. It really does seem to help.

Now I'd better make sure my bed actually folds out and doesn't collide with the desk. Wish me luck!

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