Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 64

I was out late last night, watching a Shakespeare Play outdoors and (for reasons not worth getting into) it was not a great experience. I ended up sitting in a cramped spot, with my whole body twisted out of alignment and no opportunity to move or stretch for well over two hours. AND it was cool and damp out. I was in incredible pain for the duration - mostly my back - and I woke this morning feeling AWFUL.

I don't know how I made it onto the mat, but once I got there I kind of did my own thing for a change. I did do all of the sun salutations and some of the standing poses, but after that I mixed it up quite a bit with some backbends and twists and hip openers (lots of cobra, supine twists, some pigeon). I did what I felt my body needed and it worked: after an hour of this I felt a bit better.

My practice was authentic and represented what I needed in that moment, both emotionally and physically. This has been a very trying month and it's been interesting to see how stress, physical pain and emotional upset effect a vigourous daily yoga practice.

Not interesting enough to keep it up, though. ;-) I'm really, really looking forward to Friday (my last day at the contract). It will be a relief to get back to full-time teaching, get back to my meditation practice (this is the one part of my yoga that I have really let slide) and have more 'me time.' Only two more days!!

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