Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 51

I decided not to take the day off, giving myself the option of taking tomorrow as a 'yoga holiday.'

I didn't have a great practice - I was distracted.

It all started with the dog. She knows that it makes me nervous when she sits and stares at me, so she used this strategy to get breakfast. After I fed her, she did it again and I was annoyed (and already into Surya Namaskara B). I called her over and she curled into my lap, snuggling her head against my knee and I realised that what she really needed was some attention from me. It's hard on her when I work days because I'm also teaching my evening yoga classes and I'm not around much. She gets lonely.

So I stepped off my mat for ten minutes, pulled out the box of dog toys and played with her. Then she settled down to nap and I continued my practice.

I felt so scattered - like my spirit was in little pieces around the room and I had to keep gathering up these stray parts of myself, pulling them back into a coherent whole. Yogi Humpty Dumpty. Over and over again.

Each time I found myself drifting off, I brought myself back to the moment and carried on. This wasn't my best practice, but it did much to strengthen my 'yoga muscle.'

And by the way, in case you were wondering where my driste was (posting this one for Cupcakes&Yoga):

Cupcakes and Buddha


Michelle said...

Sounds a lot like my little 3 year old. It is amazing how when I pull out my mat that is the exact time she needs some cuddles.

bindifry said...

cupcakes with buddha is funny. did you give them as your offerring? i like to give hershy kisses to siva

rand(om) bites said...

My kitties do a similar thing, that and sitting on the mat while I'm doing all kinds of poses so that I have to pat/move them every time to make a transition. Wouldn't have it any other way though :-)