Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 57

I ended up taking *two* days off over the weekend. Saturday was my weekly 'day off' and I used it to fully recuperate from that cold I was fighting off (success, by the way!) Sunday was the first day of my 'Ladies Holiday.' This is the longest 'break' I've taken from daily practice since early June!

This morning, I was still feeling low energy and crampy, but stepped back on the mat anyway. I fully expected to feel weak and winded, so I was surprised and pleased to find that I actually felt good! I had a really good practice - in fact, yoga was probably the best part of my day and the only part that I felt happy and 'at home' in my body. The rest of the day kind of sucked.

Ladies Holiday practice is always nice too, because I can't do the inversions. This gives me a break from the much-detested Supta Konasana (don't ask me why I hate that pose so much, I just do) and shortens my practice to a bit over an hour.

It's getting both darker and colder in the mornings here. The sun doesn’t come up until 6:30 and this morning, I wore long pants and had to wear a fleece hoodie on my morning walk. I can feel autumn beginning to stir.

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