Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 63

Moon day today, but I got up and practised anyway. Nothing too strenuous - just up to Navasana, then I did the closing sequence. I was far too distracted to do a full practice anyway, because of the lunar eclipse.

I understand that these happen about twice a year and I know I've seen one before, but I can't remember the last time I really took the time to observe an eclipse. It was a beautiful morning for it - clear, cool and Orion was hovering over the eastern horizon as the eclipse started.

I live in a small apartment with a south-facing balcony, so I had a good view. As I practised, I periodically stepped outside to view the progress of the eclipse. Yoga pose. Eclipse. Another yoga pose. More eclipse. My practice was a bit broken up this way, but I didn't mind.

If I wasn't already up for yoga, I doubt I would have woken up for the eclipse, so I'm glad I did. It was a special 'moon practice.'

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