Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 54

Today's practice was unremarkable save for one thing: sweat. I was sweating buckets from the first sun salutation. There's nothing to explain this. It's not unusually warm out - in fact, I wore a jacket on my walk this morning. I'm not dressing any differently than I usually do. So I'm puzzled.

I'm not complaining - I like the sweat and the feeling of being heated up. I feel like I'm burning and purging away things I don't need. Perhaps I'm burning away the stresses of this contract.

I hit the 'half-way point' of the contract this week. I feel like I've reached the top of a hill. By this point, I've developed a solid routine. I really like that aspect of it - there's a part of my personality that enjoys that kind of predictability.

But the work is monotonous and most of the time, I dread it. The sheer tedium of it exhausts me. I'm constantly feeling tired and lately I've been a bit cranky.

This has been simultaneously the fastest and slowest passing month ever. On one hand, I can't believe that August is already half-over. On the other, I can't believe August isn't over yet. I wonder how I'll feel about all of this, looking back from the vantage point of September?

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