Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 49

There's a span of 15 minutes between the time I wake up and the time I step on the mat. I often spend that time marvelling that I'm about to do over an hour of yoga. My body feels so leaden and uninspired, it just seems impossible. I'm usually over that by Parsvakonasana, though! ;-)

I had trouble getting my Ujjayi breath going this morning. It just didn't come naturally as it usually does. I actually had to stop and just breath for a minute or two. I found myself focusing and being mindful in each pose this morning, without thinking about what had passed or what was coming next and I fell into a nice rhythm.

Kurmasana totally wasn't happening for me this morning because my sacrum was cranky. But I amazed myself by coming into Sirsasana with straight legs and coming into half-bend. I wondered when my transverse abdominus was going to make a reappearance!

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