Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 55

I think I know what my body was trying to 'burn away' yesterday and it also explains my recent sluggishness: I'm fighting a cold. I noticed that I was sneezy in the afternoon, then I was congested last night. I woke up feeling stuffed up and sore.

Practice was interesting. My sun salutations consisted of vinyasa, a few 'breaths' of blowing my nose and a few more breaths in down dog before jumping forward. Until today, I never had a true appreciation for how much 'upside down' there is in Ashtanga.

By the time I finished, my sinuses were cleared out, but my nose was still runny. I'm taking ColdFX and Vitamin C for the next few days - this is usually very effective for me.

Doesn't help that I haven't been getting enough sleep this week and I'm on the cusp of my Ladies Holiday. Blech. I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can rest!

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rand(om) bites said...

I hope you feel better soon hon and take it easy, don't push yourself.