Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 59

I had one of those 'Facebook mornings' and had to cut my practice short as a result. I stopped at Navasana. Loved doing handstand and headstand again, groaned during shoulderstand (had to bend my knees during Halasana - I'm such a baby).

But here's something new: my shoulders are really starting to blossom in Parsvakonasana. I've been coming into the pose differently, starting with my hand resting light on my low back and really rotating from the waist, then extending my arm with elbow bent until I really feel a heart opening in the pose. Only then do I straighten the arm and extend through the fingertips. Magic!

I wonder if this is working because my shoulders are finally feeling good, or if coming into the posture in this way is facilitating an opening in the shoulders? Which comes first, the yoga chicken or the yoga egg?

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