Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today was pretty eventful. In the morning, I made a triumphant return to my Saturday class, which has been on hiatus since October. I really missed it. I started teaching this group five years ago, until the club we were at went bankrupt. The class moved to a nearby tennis club, which finally closed when the city refused to renew its lease.

We finally found a lovely new space for the class in the basement meeting room of a community co-op. We had a wonderful class and I'm optimistic that this little yoga community will come back together again.

I taught a gentle hatha class with hip openers and enjoyed it so much that I came home and did the same sequence for myself. Then I headed out into the sunshine for a long walk with the dog - our first walk to the Big Park this year. The weather is amazing right now and it looks like we'll enjoying it for the entire weekend.

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