Monday, March 30, 2009


I started working today almost as soon as I woke. After a few hours of productivity, I took the dog for a walk. When I got back, I started a bean soup on the stove and hopped on the mat. Soup practices are always great because the apartment gets warm and steamy.

I steamed and sweated my way through my short form Primary +3. Bhujapindasana is fast becoming one of my favourite poses again. I'm even entertaining the thought of adding a few more poses to my medley soon.

I've been living deep inside my head these last couple of days, sorting through different options and reviewing my finances. The bottom line is, April is going to be a spare month and I'm at peace with that. I had to make some tough choices, but the rent will be paid, I will have food to eat and money for transportation. And I'm doing everything I can to move forward.

In the midst of my practice, I was looking around my beautiful little apartment: at the books, my computer, my bike, my dog curled up sleeping on the futon. I was thinking about my family and my partner and my friends and students. And I was suddenly overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude for it all.

Nothing is easy but everything is okay.

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