Monday, March 16, 2009


There are good days and there are bad days. Today fell into the later category. There was some tension in the morning. I felt this tension all day as I tried to sort through my own work. It doesn't seem to be an easy time for anybody. March is a cold, challenging month.

I'm pretty close with money these days due to the economy and my own (freelance) work situation, but I'm trying to continue with the hobbies and activities that are important to me. I'm sticking with my guitar lessons, even though they're pricey. Yoga, of course, is free because I home practice. Ice hockey is easy because my fees were paid up-front last year and I have all the equipment I need.

I came home after hockey, took a hot bath and did a half-hour of very gentle restorative yoga, legs up the wall in Viparita Karani with several variations to open up my hips and hamstrings. I nearly fell asleep in Savasana.

Tomorrow is another day!


Yogamum said...

You know what is weird? I just wrote "tomorrow is another day" as my FB status and then I came and read this!

My day yesterday was pretty awful.

I'm blogging at a new place under a new "secret identity" - you can read at !

Kaivalya said...

Aw! But you know what made my day better? Your candle!!! It arrived in the mail. It's so beautiful - thanks so much! I put it on my altar, photo coming soon! I'll check out your new space :-)