Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, back in the saddle again. Between my Lady's, a rich brunch, a party with lots of cake, a dinner of sumptuous Thai food and a dinner party too decadent to describe, I'm feeling a tad pudgy again. And I won't mention the Mrs. Fields cookies...(oops).

I haven't been skating very much this month, even though the rink downtown is technically open for business. The ice hasn't been very good and I don't have a subway pass this month. I'm thinking that tomorrow might be a good day to re-launch my daily walks. Maybe the energy of my walking will hurry spring along because, really, it can't come soon enough!

Today, I resumed a more vigourous practice with the short form of the Primary Series. It's incredible how weak I can feel after just three days of restorative yoga. I could feel my energy levels climbing with each sun salutation.

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Michelle said...

Kai, it is -43 with the windchill today here in Saskatchewan. No walking outside for us.