Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I didn't feel like thinking through a Hatha sequence today, so I did the 'Short Form + 3' today. I've been thinking of ways to make Savasana more comfortable and enjoyable. Doing a bit of restorative yoga to release my low back seems to work - or using a bolster (though I always seem to be too lazy to get up and find it). Maybe I could try doing some Pranayama at the end of the closing sequence to ease into a more restful mode. I don't seem to have as much trouble moving into Savasana after a Hatha practice.

I love all of this experimentation in my yoga practice, trying new things, pushing my edge in news ways, mixing things up. It makes me a better teacher and expands my scope as a practitioner.

I just completed Month 3 of my Yoga Streak. By now, daily practice is one of those goes-without-saying things. I just do it. It seems so easy to just do it. Looking back on my Yoga-less Streak last fall, I recall how easy it seemed to just NOT do it. The lesson? Routines are easy. Get into one and anything is possible. Anything can become automatic and expected.

A few interesting things have come to light in Month 3. I started exercising daily again, taking 45 minute brisk walks up to the Big Park with my dog. The path to the Big Park includes the Big Stairs, about six flights up a steep escarpment. Usually, these stairs are the bane of my springtime walks because I'm out of shape for them. This year? I'm hardly out of breath when I reach the top. Sometimes, lost in thought, I ascend the stairs so effortlessly that I reach the top before I realise that I'm through climbing them.

The only difference between this year and last is daily yoga. In fact, I thought I was in much better shape last year (having skated daily for months), but last year those stairs kicked my keister for the first month. I believe it's because I'm stronger; my body isn't working as hard. I experienced a similar level of fitness when I started riding my bike again. I feel stronger and I have more endurance.

Little things like this surprise me. Daily Yoga fringe benefits, I guess.

Tomorrow: I move into Month 4 of my Yoga Streak. WoYoPracYea! (World Yoga Practice Year), continued...

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