Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today, I did a quick morning practice after walking the dog. I was feeling very low energy and managed to get through just the sun salutations and the standing poses. I felt *awful* throughout the entire thing. Usually, I dislike holding poses for a long time. Today? I couldn't get myself to move out of them onto the next thing. I was Tamas personified.

I did, however, do a cleaning project. I cleaned out the wall unit where my T.V., VCR, musical instruments, yoga equipment and the dog's toys all live. Oh yeah, and there's a a teddy bear and a folded up 'hoop' (for hula hooping - my new soon-to-be summer hobby) up there too. It's a busy wall unit! I reorganised everything, dusted, found a new home for my musical instruments.

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