Monday, March 9, 2009


I had a really difficult day. Last week, I unexpectedly received a phone call about a job opportunity in an office. Normally, I wouldn't consider a long -term office contract, but the yoga business has been slow lately and this sounded perfect: part-time, interesting work, nice office, bike-able commute, friendly employer. The timing was just perfect. On Friday, I went in for the interview. It went really well and I was optimistic.

Then, today, I got the phone call: I came in second place. To be honest, I wasn't even looking for part-time work in the first place, but this was so ideal that I allowed myself to get excited about it. The let-down was harsh. I feel like fate threw me a bone, then snatched it way.

So I'm feeling a tad cynical.

Today's practice was a simple restorative practice. I did some supine backbending over a bolster, did 'upside down pigeon' to open up my hips, followed by some supine twists.

Tomorrow = a better day.

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Michelle said...

Aw too bad. Chin up.