Friday, March 6, 2009


I finally detected a note of spring in the air today and it's really warm out! The high was 18C, which is unbelievable, given that it was -30 this time last week. I went skating at the Square and the ice rink was like a big lake on top of ice. When I finished, my skates (and the bottoms of my jeans) were soaked.

Today has been a wacky day to try to fit in a yoga practice. I went to my favourite café for banana pancakes in the morning. Then I was off to a meeting that I'm going to be very mysterious about for the time being, but I'll drop a hint: it's part of Plan A to get myself through this recession in one piece. I taught a class after that.

However, I did managed to hit the mat for about 20 minutes. I did some sun salutations, a few standing poses, a few seated poses and Savasana. I'm addicted to forward bends right now - even standing forward bends. I feel a deep need to stretch my hamstrings and I'm really feeling the stretch deeply (and not feeling any strain in my back).

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