Saturday, March 21, 2009


We were awake by 5:30 this morning. It felt very odd to be up at that hour. Last year, I was a habitual early riser and I treasured my leisurely mornings. Over the winter, I got lazy. This spring, I would like to ease back into an early schedule. It makes everything so much easier because I feel like I have more of the day. Lately, I've been getting up around 7 a.m.

I went for a long walk in the park just after sunrise. During the winter months, I skate for exercise, but as soon as the snow clears I start my walks again. I have a favourite 45 minute route that traverses sidewalks, trails, city and forest, including a series of steep stairs up to the big park.

Usually, the stairs are difficult for me during these first walks of the spring, but not this year. I spring up the steps two at a time and I'm barely winded when I reach the top. I can only attribute this to my daily yoga practice, since I haven't really been skating consistently this winter and I do no other cardiovascular exercise.

When I got home, I did the short form. I was lazy, lazy, lazy and took a more hatha approach to the series with long holds and a leisurely pace. I teach a morning class and then I'm going to go to the farmer's market and run errands.

It's cold, but I plan to do this on my bicycle. I've been biking everywhere since the temperatures warmed to plus-zero. Like the walking, I'm finding biking to be an easy adjustment this year; I feel strong. I'm truly enjoying the outdoors and all this physical activity. Bring on spring!

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