Sunday, March 22, 2009


I haven't been to a Quaker Meeting in quite some time and really missed it. I'm often not around the neighbourhood on Sunday mornings, but I was this week so decided to take the opportunity.

Clearly, I need to beef up my meditation practice! I can remember Meetings that passed by so timelessly that the end of the hour came as a complete surprise to me. Not today. Today, I was a wreck.

I did manage to restrain my watch-glancing to every 15 minutes or so but the time just *dragged*. I needed to cough (even though I hadn't coughed all morning). I twitched. My legs ached, so I stretched them. The elder Friend next to me clearly hadn't eaten breakfast because his stomach rumbled and squeaked. Soon, my stomach was sounding off in sympathy. Someone down the row started snoring and I felt my head nodding.

But it was nice to be back, all the same. There is a genuine atmosphere of peace in that room and I carried it with me all day. And I went to Chippy's afterward for fish and chips ;-)

Practice today was 45 minutes of Hatha. I focused on some hip openers (Pigeon - I'm still working on Hanumasana) and fun balancing poses (Bakasana, Ardha Chandrasana, and big toe balance). I played a little game with myself where I counted how many seconds I could stay in a balance. I ended with some restorative yoga and Savasana.

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