Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was chaotic. I can't pin down exactly where the time went but I felt like I didn't have enough of it. I had breakfast at the cafe, banana pancakes again. This banana pancakes thing is getting out of control. I need to stop the madness.

I taught a noon class and then rushed home to practice. I was strapped for time and feeling overwhelmed so I just did the sun salutations for 20 minutes. It was actually exhausting. I don't know how people manage those 108-salutation-yoga-mala things.

I proceeded to have a spectacularly awful afternoon. I don't think I'll ever go back to the listtle café I used to be so fond of. Their brownies are wonderful, but the staff seem to actively dislike the customers. This is not a new problem, but today it was particularly bad.

I never imagined that anyone could completely botch a cup of tea, but it was a disaster from the get-go. My cup was so hot that I couldn't drink out of it (turns out, they were storing cups on top of the espresso machine). I asked for another cup (after I got up to find some flatware, since the server was busy gossiping in the corner). I was given another too-hot cup and then a derisive look when I asked for a cup that was actually cool enough to drink out of . To add insult to incompetence, the chai tea itself was weak and tasteless (not enough chai mix in the tea ball, I suspect; they're economizing). I actually spoke up for myself and refused to pay for it.

I went home. I ate pizza. Life goes on.

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