Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Okay, let's swap it up: Great day, lousy practice. I was up at 4:30, on the mat by 5:30, had plenty of sleep. My practice felt interminable.

I don't what the problem was, but I felt stiff and HEAVY. Halfway through, I stopped doing jump back/throughs allegedly because my right shoulder was feeling tweaky, but it's entirely possible I was just being lazy.

Also: The gimpy hamstring is talking to me again. During my shala visit last week, it was feeling pretty good, but it's stiffened up again. This morning, my mobility was limited on the left side and I felt overwhelming sensation in the area every time I came into a forward fold.

So, what do you think, Cybershala? Do I push through this (the injury is now about four months old) or do I back off? I think it's hilariously funny that my hamstring is always on it's best behaviour when there's a Mysore teacher in the vicinity. Kind of like that quirky banging in a car engine that ONLY happens when you're NOT at the mechanic.

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lacey said...

I too have a tweaky hamstring. My teacher suggested belting the very top of my leg (tight as possible) for ardha baddha padma pashchimottanasana and then ending at mari A. I do it on days when it is super painful. The band "tricks" the muscle into releasing a bit. Field medicine :)

Kari Amalie said...

Hey, I've had the hamstring thing my self....I tried to skim through some of your posts, but couldn't seem to find one sayng where, exactly, it hurts? Right at the sitting bone?