Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I was up at 5 and on the mat by 6 this morning. I had a good practice. I'm amazed by what a non-drama my Intermediate Series poses are now. I flow right into them and love them. I feel like they complete my Primary.

I've been doing a shoulder opener, a hip opener and six Urdhva Dhanurasana lately. Yesterday, I added in a few dropbacks, but to the wall so I can start to persuade my brain that my legs don't *need* to be externally rotated in order for me to drop back.

That went really well, actually. I think my leg/foot alignment would have even passed J's scrutiny. Today, I raised the bar and dropped to the futon: with feet hip width apart, inner edges of the feet parallel. I couldn't believe it was actually possible, but I did it!

I couldn't seem to stand up, though.

Busy week ahead. I have two really early mornings mid-week and a kazillion errands on my to-do list. I'm feeling a bit wrung out and it's only Monday.

I may need a tranquilizer at some point. Or maybe I'll just unroll my Persian rug on the lawn for a bit of "Tranquilising Breath".

P.S. The 70s Yoga Guys (aka: the Swenson brothers) are having a party at Loo's place. It's Astanga, Old Skool!

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Loo said...

um, they look more like they are suffering from a nauseating odor emanating from those Persian rugs than becoming tranquil.

Yay for improved drop backs!