Saturday, November 20, 2010


Over the past month, I've releasing stuff from my life: books, objects, clothing, papers. Every weekend, I take on a new project. Last weekend, I went through my bookshelves and bagged up books for resale. I made $100 off of this project, which wasn't actually the point, but a nice end result, nonetheless. And I'm not finished! I'm already bagging more.

Yesterday, I sifted through my closet and ended up with three bags of clothing. Some will go to charity, some will end up at the resale shop. I'm starting to realise the folly of buying dressy clothing: I never wear it. I'm not a fancy dresser. I literally live in yoga clothing from Lu these days and maybe a few t-shirts, jeans. Note to self: shop accordingly!

Next up is my desk, which I'm planning to sell. I never actually use it. It's really just a storage receptacle for papers and objects I don't know what to do with. I'm a sucker for electronics of all kinds (Geek!). I've packed up a box full of this stuff to donate to a non-profit that refurbishes it. My printer is in there. And a digital camera from 8 years ago that looks like a brick.

Today will likely involve shredding and recycling vast amounts of paper. It makes me weep for trees. I think the YTT I attended 8 years ago killed an entire forest! Bell Canada killed another one. And my early years of teaching killed one more.

In the evening, I unrolled my mat and did the Suryas, Sirsasana, and the three closing lotus postures, then I meditated for 20 minutes and retired to bed with Richard Freeman's new book, which I bought for myself in a fit of retail therapy on Friday. This is my bit of fun for the week and I'm enjoying it throughly. Great stuff!

The State-of-the-Backbend was taken on Tuesday. It's not the deepest backbend ever, but I look more relaxed in this photo, at least. I've been working on trying to release muscular tension.

In the aftermath of a rough week, my instinctual reaction was to curl up in the window seat this weekend and munch on chocolate. Not healthy. And a two-day break from practice is just gonna make me more loopy.

So tomorrow I'm 'going rogue'. I'm doing my practice at Shala South's Mysore room (they're open on the Moon Day because that's how they roll down there). I'm pretty sure the teacher, DT, will let me practice my Intermediate too, so it will be business as usual. And I'm practicing with a shala buddy, which will be fun.

I've never been South for Mysore before and never practised with this teacher, so it will be a little adventure!

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susananda said...

I'm so happy for you having a day off!