Friday, November 5, 2010


Today was a wonky on-the-cusp Moon Day. Most people seem to be taking the day off, but I didn't see a point, given that I'm no longer at a Shala.

Plus, now that I'm regularly practising some Intermediate, I really love my Primary Fridays and I don't like to miss them. After a week of hard work on the mat, Primary Series feels like a fun, fun reward. This is really amusing, given that full Primary used to be *such* a big deal in my world. Even as recently as a year ago, it felt like a long, very difficult practice. Now, it's the practice I do if I'm feeling under-the-weather or I need a break.

I had a great practice. Every day, I noticed changes and shifts, things that are newly easy. Often, I don't think to note them, but here's an example: Marichyasana C. I can remember a time when coming into this pose felt like constructing Human Origami. Now, I wrap myself into it on one inhalation. It feels like giving myself a hug. I love Marichyasana C!

You know what else I love? The weekend!!! I'm so happy for some downtime. Today, I finished all of my errands and weekly cleaning, plus I cleared up my desk and reorganised the area around my window seat. I spend so much time there, I wanted to make it more user-friendly and welcoming.

Adding a lamp for light, moving my stereo within easy reach so I can listen to music, putting away my overabundance of books and cleaning up the centimetre-thick-layer-of-dust. All small things, but they made such a difference.

In the afternoon, I cleaned up the kitchen, took Princess Fur for her usual walk and when we got home, she resolutely marched into her condo, anticipating my regular evening departure to teach classes. But instead, I pulled out a big bag of toys. She turned herself in circles, she was so excited! The Human! At Home! Playing with the Dog! A Miracle!

We played for about an hour, then she passed out in sheer exhaustion in what can only be described as a 'Toy Coma'.


It's gonna be a GREAT weekend :-D

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fivefootwo said...

Princess Fur has her own yoga mat, how about that. I hope you pull out your toys too this weekend.