Monday, November 29, 2010


Eight hours of sleep feels like a novelty these days. In fact, it feels like too much. I woke groggy this morning after a night of very weird dreams. They involved elements of nearly every job I had worked over the past ten years, including teaching.

Very freaky! Hey, go easy on me, Brain! It's only Monday...gah.

Practice was stiff and creaky. Forward bends were fine today, but twists were limited. I could only bind to fingers in Mari D.

Sirsasana felt better today, but I completely wimped out on backbends. After my three compulsory Urdhva Dhanurasana I took finishing. I didn't even try to drop back. I was tired!

We haven't had a visit from Lyn in awhile and with the colder turn of weather, it seemed like a good time to showcase her smurf-blue body suit.

Snazzy! All the cool Ashtangis are wearing them this season. ;-)

Every time I look at this photo, the words "Sit tall!" erupt from my mouth in my special 'Yoga Teacher Voice'.

Also: Bandhas, Lynn, BANDHAS!!!

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Ragdoll said...

I think I need one of those body suits. Last two practices have involved permanently cold toes, and a nasty draft around the kidneys with every forward bend!

Though she looks a bit wistful about the fact that she couldn't afford the matching gloves.

Loo said...

I think my dandasana looked like this this morning ... minus the snazzy suit of course!

(0v0) said...

I always love Lyn.

And would TOTALLY wear that. No joke.

This reminds me that a year or two ago, Karen came up with the idea of ashtanga bodysuits with little OM cutouts in strategic locations. Move over, YogiToes!