Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Practices this week have ranged from 'just okay' all the way to the low end: 'you've gotta be kidding me'. Let's see...Sunday was stiff, Monday I practised late because of the alarm clock fail and yesterday, I had a raging headache.

But today was awesome, which makes it all better. Hey, Astanga! I like you again. You can call off the dudes in the white coats for now. The Crazy has been averted. *phew*

I'm continuing to jump into Bhuja P with mixed success. I'm jumping every time, but my feet don't always clear the floor. Lately, I've been taking whatever the landing I get as the starting point for the pose, however sloppy. I just do my best with it. I find that trying repeatedly to get the jump just frustrates me. I do it once and move on. The exit is almost always a fail, but figure this is a good motivation to jump into it better.

The Big Awesome for today was my exit from Kurmasana. In the workshop, D instructed us to lift up from Supta Kurmasana with crossed feet, then straighten the legs into a Tittibasana. Keeping the legs engaged, drop the heels while lifting the hips to bring the legs into position for Bakasana.

When D was demonstrating it, it looked like his knees were pivoting in place on his arms. Today, I managed to do the same and instead of my legs sliding further down my arms (and making the Bakasana jumpback feel impossible), my knees stayed in place and I was able to nail the jumpback. It *almost* felt easy. Awesome!

We're well into the orange-and-red-huge-leaf-piles phase of the season. The weather has been nippy too! I love this time of year. It makes me so happy :-)

Today is our lovely Owl's birthday. Happy Birthday, wise one! I hope your day was full of awesome!

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(0v0) said...

Thank you, darling! It was very, very good because of the people in my life. Yourself included!