Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Many thanks to all of you who answered my little survey. The responses are surprising me (and they continue to roll in). Some good comments too!

I apologise for inadvertently leaving out a few popular styles of yoga. I cranked out that survey after lunch yesterday in a short timeframe and very little sleep. I assumed (correctly) that a large number of my readers are ashtangis, but many other styles are represented in the responses (perhaps that's a survey for another day!).

This morning, I did another inversion-less practice, but included my Intermediate poses, which I had been missing. Today is Day 3 of my LH so I may be back to my full practice tomorrow.

I had some weird, completely inexplicable knee discomfort that only came up during forward folds. The discomfort was near the right patella, medial and distal. It felt like a mild crampy sensation. By the time I taught my noon class, it was gone. I'm wondering if it was a fluke. My lotus poses felt fine.

My alarm is set for 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. Yeah, it's one of those busy weeks. *yawn* There are not enough hours in the day. I would use any extra ones for sleep!

This is one of my new 'thick' Mysore rugs. It was VERY blue when I first bought it. Even after a wash, the dye still turns my hands and feet blue during practice. Parts of me look like a Na'vi!

Tonight, one of my students asked why I was so 'bruised' everywhere.

I told her, "My yoga rug has been beating me up!" :-D

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Anonymous said...

"My yoga rug has been beating me up!"

That's hilarious! My Mysore rug is a bright yellow and before I washed it, my roommate introduced me to this amazing thing called Shout Color Catching Sheets. You put them in with the wash and it picks up the colors from heavy dyes. Good thing too, the whole sheet was a bright yellow when the wash finished!

I don't know though, looking like a Na'vi sounds pretty cool ;-)

sarah said...

it is somehow fitting that the yoga rug is changing the way you look to other people...