Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The peanut gallery has spoken. Intermediate is apparently a bit like cod liver oil: difficult to get down but ultimately very good for you. So I’m going to give it a shot. Not today and not tomorrow, because these are my most intense teaching days, but I’ll work it into the schedule, probably starting on Friday.

I don’t say it often enough, but I’m deeply appreciative of the advice I receive from the more experienced Astanga practitioners out there. The Cybershala always comes through for me when I have a question or feel ‘stuck.’ I doubt I would have persevered this long if it wasn’t for the community of Astangis on the web.

Today, I continued with my Primary and added the finishing poses back in: shoulderstand, headstand and the lot. I had a perfectly acceptable mediocre practice and I’m happy with that.

I worked on my lift-ups. They’re not fancy. Right now I’m just crossing my ankles, lifting my feet off the floor, pulling them back through the blocks and then lowering down so I can manually come into a high plank and do Chaturanga. I’m working the bandhas and visualizing kicking back into the high plank - that's my next goal. It will come in time.

My bind in Supta Kurmasana went bye-bye again. I’m still having some SI joint issues, have been plaguing me since Monday. Are these two things related? Perhaps. My lower back is cranky too, which isn’t helping.

I did prep for my backbends and did three Urdhva Dhanurasana from the floor.


susananda said...

Well, here's another voice from the peanut gallery... if you've only been back at full primary for less than a month, and have SI joint issues and a sore lower back, and are thinking of starting intermediate on the advice of internet yogis, and without a teacher... please be careful??

Kaivalya said...

I've been practising Primary regularly for almost three years, with brief breaks here and there.

As a teacher myself, I'm already familiar with many of the poses in Intermediate. My own teachers trained with Guruji, as well as Iyengar. If I felt uncertain about anything I encountered in Intermediate, I could easily get their advice.

The issues with my low back are historical and get *better* when I'm doing more backbending (which is one reason I do it, even though I don't like it). The SI stuff is new and I'll certainly keep an eye on it.

As I did with Primary, I'll venture into anything new with great care. I'm pretty conservative - in the 14 years that I've practised yoga, I've never been seriously injured in my practice, so I'm not afraid to move forward.

I will be careful :-)

susananda said...

Yes, you've been at it for 14 years, haven't you.. I guess you can go for it :)

Sorry, it's my role to be the voice of caution where internet yoga advice is concerned :)

Hope you enjoy and that it's good for your back!