Monday, January 4, 2010


Alarm clock FAIL again this morning. No candle light yoga for me! It was bright out by the time I unrolled my mat, but at least I did my practice.

I’m feeling stronger today - the vinyasas were not as taxing. I still don’t have my bind back in Supta K, but I bound to fingers in Marichyasana D. That’s promising! I need to lose my Christmas Cookie weight in order to go any further in these bound poses, I think.

At the moment, I’m still skipping Janu Sirsasana C (due to a physical issue). I’m now trying a modified Setu Bandhasana, building strength towards the full pose.

My back is a tiny bit sore in the area that cramped up yesterday, but I felt fine during practice. Whatever it was, it’s passed and I’m grateful.

I didn’t do a lot of Astanga last month. The Primary Series just seemed too impossibly long and draining. Now, because I’m committed to it, I’m not questioning, just doing. Maybe that’s the secret (don’t overthink it).

I’m in the process of reading the new Gregor Maehle book and he mentions that daily practice of the Primary Series (for a YEAR!!) is a prerequisite for practice of the Intermediate Series. The Primary Series builds endurance. I think I agree!

It will be interesting to see if my theory holds up later on in the week, when my teaching load is so much heavier. I may have to reintroduce afternoon naps into my routine!

The decluttering rounds continue. Today, I’m cleaning out the bathroom cabinets. When I finish, I’ll reward myself with a new bath pillow.

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Helen said...

Hi Kai,

Afternoon naps, I've been wondering about that. Have just added 3 new yoga classes to my schedule. For now just taking nice long savasana. Good luck with the daily Primary, I too am reading Gregor's book.