Monday, January 18, 2010


I had a fantastic practice today. I feel like I’m moving deeper into the poses, especially the forward bends.

For the first time in months, the bind in Marichyasana C was comfortable. I’m still binding to fingers but I have a feeling the wrist bind will be coming back any day now. The bind in Supta Kurmasana was tight, but I managed it.

And, for the first time this month, I got that blissed-out, fuzzy feeling in Sarvangasana (shoulderstand). Previously, I was just feeling tight and unstable.

In a stark contrast to yesterday, I pulled out my full Iyengar arsenal and did a tonne of preparatory work prior to backbending. In the comments, Boodiba pointed out that there is no prep work for backbending in Primary and she’s right. In his book, Gregor Maehle mentions this too; he recommends really working the Urdhva Mukha Svanasanas (Upward Facing Dog) in each vinyasa, but this definitely isn’t sufficient for me.

Today, I did four prep stretches:
1) Hip/Psoas stretch over a block
2) Thoracic-focused backbend over block/bolster
3) Lumbar-focused backbend over block
4) Underarm/Shoulder stretch

Afterward, I did an experimental vinyasa and noted that Urdhva Mukha Svanasana felt easy.

Urdhva Dhanurasana wasn’t a cakewalk or anything, but it definitely felt more comfortable. I’ll keep doing the prep poses for the balance of the month and see if it makes a difference long term.

Okay, enough about yoga. Let’s talk about toothpaste!

Skippetty recently mentioned about how incredibly annoying it is when someone squeezes the toothpaste THE WRONG WAY (from the middle, instead of from the end). I’m sympathetic to this pet peeve. Here’s another one of mine: leaving the toothpaste cap all messy and gummy with half-dried-out toothpaste. Ewwww! Seriously people, you’re putting that stuff in your mouth! Keep it neat!

Years ago in university, I picked up this handy gadget for squeezing the paste out of the tube. I’ve never seen one since, but it’s an elegant solution to the problem:

Ever since her dental surgery, I’ve been extremely diligent about Princess Fur’s dental hygiene. Daily, I brush her teeth with some super-yummy ‘Poultry Flavoured Toothpaste’ (Go on! You know you’re jealous!).

Skippetty, you’ll be glad to know that even the Princess takes great care to squeeze her tube of Dog Toothpaste properly - from the bottom:


Skippetty said...

Thanks for the link Kai! I like that peg-clip thing on the tube... but I think that would be absolutely over-the-top-CHRONIC!! (And yes, I would make it a mandatory for my guy too. HAHA.) And yes, I agree about the cap. When I had to "borrow" the dried out old toothpaste tube from the other bathroom, I had to physically remove the cap to get to the paste. GROSS!!

Glad to see the Princess is "doin' it rite". ;p

Kaivalya said...

You're welcome! I'm sure you never expected to be linked for your toothpaste tube OCD! ;-) I'll bet the keywords in your access stats are interesting!