Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I’m really not doing very well at this whole getting-up-before-the-sun thing. I have a short memory, but I seem to remember getting this urge to hibernate in past Januarys. I feel sleepy most of the time, but especially during the day. Especially when I have other things I need to be doing. The best remedy is to keep moving, in the bright sunlight if possible.

I haven’t skated much this winter. Incredibly, I haven’t visited the big rink downtown even once. In past years, I’ve been down there every single day from opening, but I’ve been busier this year.

The neighbourhood rink was flooded over the weekend. It’s rough hewn - rimmed by snow banks, with an uneven, gravelly surface, but the kids love it. It’s in constant use for shinny and recreational skating almost from the moment school ends in the afternoon 'til late into the night. But in the morning and early afternoon, it’s empty and all mine!

But I was having trouble motivating myself. Yesterday, I grabbed my skates on the way out the door as I headed to the park with the dog. I vowed to skate for 15 minutes. If it wasn’t enjoyable, I wouldn’t do it again.

And, of course it was FUN! Princess Fur didn’t think it was fun - she never ventures far onto the ice, but loiters around on the snow banks with a surly expression on her furry face.

After my noon class today, I went to the rink without the Princess and skated for almost a half-hour. Fun, fun, FUN! With any luck, the weather will stay cold enough through February to maintain this ice. I’ll try to go every day. It’s good for me: sunlight, fresh air, exercise. I just hope it doesn’t get *too* cold.

I practised with Sharath’s led Primary today. I meditated again before I practised. I wasn’t quite as focused as I was yesterday, but I was definitely more focused than usual. In the classes I teach, I take my students through a short, seated meditation before we begin the warm up asanas. I find that this calms everyone down and brings their full attention to the class.

I guess that strategy works on me too! Who knew?! ;-)

I practised backbends today. They were not fun. As I prepared to push into the first Urdhva Dhanurasana, I suddenly made this face:

Bill the Cat! I *love* Bill the Cat! I haven’t thought of him in years...


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